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Want to look as happy as those people in the first class boarding lane? You really can. That happiness starts well before settling into a swanky seat. It starts in the hidden corners of the airport where they keep the VIP lounges, away from the crowds in a land chock full of premium drinks, food, wifi, couches and sometimes even showers! Even if you’re a “buy the cheapest ticket” economy flyer ,you too can get in on the good life with this simple hack to get in on the good life!

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I Want The Good Life At The Airport, How Do I Do This?!

Airport lounges are usually reserved for first and business class flyers and elite frequent flyers like George Clooney in that movie a few years ago, but they’re also available for people who join a lounge access program. These programs often run $375 dollars or more and would require a whole lot of travel to get any real value. For a limited time, PriorityPass, one of the leading lounge memberships with over 1,000 lounges scattered around the world is offering a nice discount, allowing you to buy 10 lounge visits for just $224 or £143 depending on your location. That’s $22 or £14 per visit; and in a great lounge pouring fantastic champagne, wine, spirits and offering bountiful food selection, it’s not hard to imagine getting serious value…

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How Do I Know If There’s A Lounge In My Airport Or If It’s Any Good?

Like all great things these days, PriorityPass has an app. In the app you can see all the lounges you can access around the world with the tap of a button and also see a list of their amenities such as fully serviced or help yourself bar, hot food, shower facilities, massage facility, wifi, sleep rooms (yep, that’s a thing) and more. Generally you’ll find the best lounges in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and just about anywhere that’s NOT in the US, but there are some awesome lounges you can access in the US, just less…

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Enough Chit Chat, This Is A Steal, Where Do I Book?

Priority Pass US: Book Here. Priority Pass UK: Book Here. 

We never share deals we don’t believe in, so we’re totally with you here. This is a steal. You’ll pay more than ten bucks for a single beer in the terminal with nowhere to sit, so the idea of having unlimited access (drinks), a tranquil space, wifi and really, just somewhere to avoid everyone in the terminal is pretty fantastic. You can take advantage of this offer from the UK/Europe here and from the US here. If you’re not going to be able to make that many visits work in a year, LoungeBuddy is another great option for one off visits (albeit more expensive). Do remember though, a round trip would be two visits, and if you throw in a connection, it could be up to four visits in a single round trip journey. You might as well enjoy yourself. and join the happy people in line…

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