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Hong Kong is a city you simply must experience. From blinding lights to inspiring food there’s enjoyment to be found at every bustling corner. And the views, yeah, they’re pretty spectacular too. If you’d like to get there in comfort, today is your lucky day: quite a few airlines are offering round trip business class for well under $1000! If you’re looking for comfort, style and lots of airline miles, these deals are just aching to be booked…

a city skyline with many lightsThe Deals

Jet Airways, Malaysian, Singapore and Oman Air are offering great prices out of quite a few cities, including Cairo, Colombo, Muscat and Chennai. There are many routings which offer flat beds for the long haul portion and some with beds for the entire duration. However you choose to fly, you’ll stand to earn some nice frequent flyer miles and a lot of added comfort on the 10+ hour round trip journey.

The Dates

From most cities, these deals are available virtually all year from now thru March 2019! Not every single date will be available, but they almost are! These deals are an incredible way to add onto a trip to one destination, while earning tons of points moving to the next exciting place.

How To Book

The very best deals are available from Colombo, starting at just $658 round trip. You can find those deals here. There are also great round trip deals from other cites, like: DelhiCairo, ChennaiAbu Dhabi and Muscat. Simply follow the Google Flights links for each city and play with dates, looking for the best prices on the calendar. Google will then supply a link to book directly with the airline! Enjoy!

Are you going to Hong Kong?

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    1. The entire last paragraph is Google Flights links, you plonker. I’d rather be lazy than daft. You chose to insult a piece of work without even reading it. because if you did… you’d see endless links… to Google Flights. Better luck next time.

      1. Ugh, and you pile on with brit vernacular. How charming; such the sophisticated expat. ‘Professional writer with unclear article gets panties’ in bunch, news at 11. Love ya. 🙂

        1. Hah dude… you called my piece “useless” and attacked it on the basis that there were “no google flights links”.

          You were flat.out.wrong.

          Should I just pretend you were right next time? Talk nonsense, get served. Simple as that. Only one of us was wrong here and in the words of Shaggy, “it wasn’t me”.

          1. I’m not privvy to your site traffic info but I’m going to guess this post got few clicks. I like your style but you need to up your game for flight deals. YHBU has it nailed and he posts in german, worth waiting for the translate.

            Thanks for dropping the Britishness, buy me tea sometime.

          2. I happen to be the one that finds many of the deals, as flyertalk or other sites would tell you. YHBU is good, but I’m quite happy with what we accomplish here. We had more than 100,000 people on the site yesterday, so I can’t complain. YHBU posts more deals than I do, but many I wouldn’t consider exceptional deals. That’s his perogtative. I like him.

            I’ll buy any polite reader a cup of tea any day.

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