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American Express Membership Rewards points are among the most useful in the travel world. Why? You can transfer your points from American Express to a majority of the world’s major airlines turning them into miles of your choice. Occasionally, American Express comes up with an offer you simply can’t refuse where you receive bonus miles for transferring to certain airlines. Right now 7,000 American Express points is all you need for a free round trip regional flight! 

a city with a castle in the background

If your flight is less than 650 miles each way you are in business. Not sure how many miles your trip would be? Use this great free flight calculator to find out if you are under the 650 mile threshold. From New York, flights to Boston, DC, Montreal, Virginia and South Carolina would all qualify. American Express is offering a transfer bonus through January 31st where you receive 1.4x the points when you transfer them to British Airways thus 7,000 Amex Points equals the 9,000 miles you need for a free flight of this distance using British Airways miles. As I have mentioned, British Airways points do not mean flying British Airways. You can use British Airways points for free flights on American Airlines, U.S. Airways and more. Using British Airways points (avios) for flying in the United States and Canada can save you big mileage! British Airways uses a distance based chart hence the 650 mile threshold. Just over the threshold? If your flight is less than 1,151 miles each way your award will still only be 15,000 miles or 11,000 American Express Membership Rewards points roundtrip if you transfer by January 31st. Get on it! We are. 

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