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Las Vegas is open, and that means sun, fun, food and perhaps some responsible, socially distanced debauchery is never too far away.

Right now, there are quite a few ways to reach sunny Las Vegas, and enjoy the hotel prices, which are currently so ‘low’ for most of the year they raise eyebrows, in a good way, for around $200 round trip, or much less. Here’s some exciting flight deals worth taking a look at.


Cheap Flights To Las Vegas

Las Vegas, like many leisure favorites, has been forced to adapt quickly to covid-19 and find ways to make the experience both worthwhile and safe. Many hotels, resorts and casinos have done a fantastic job in that regard.

Major US carriers including American, Delta, United and JetBlue have some rock bottom fares to Vegas, which could be worth entertaining, both for near term travel and also travel later in the year.

Cities available for under $100 round trip include: New York, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Chicago, Seattle, Phoenix, San Francisco, Denver and more.

The Dates You Can Travel

The best deals are for travel between now and summer, and then fall onward. If you’re thinking March, April, or May – it’s wide open. Try to be as flexible as possible, since a day or two here or there can make all the difference with fares.

Should you travel? That’s up to you. If you’re taking every precaution to keep yourself and others safe, by wearing a mask, socially distancing and being respectful of laws and temporary measures, it’s not illegal to travel within the USA, and many are with great joy. If you’re planning on being part of the problem though, stay home.

How To Book These Flights

Google Flights remains one of the best ways to search and book flights, and we’ve made easy to use links for your enjoyment. Simply click, change dates to what you’re looking for and use the calendar to find the same low prices.

Most of these fares fall under the ‘Basic Economy’ category, which restricts advanced seat selection and other features. Even then, it’s a round trip to somewhere warm and fun for under $100 bucks.

If you’re a regular with a specific airline, it can absolutely be worth investigating their credit card offerings, since these typically offer perks which negate the issues with basic economy, like a free checked bag, and priority boarding. If not, just take the savings, expect a basic experience and enjoy Vegas!

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