American Airlines Flagship Business Class  LAX-JFK During Covid-19

For a transcontinental journey from New York to Los Angeles, I cashed in some upgrade certificates to fly American Airlines Flagship Business Class.

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On the ground, the experience felt safe, and filled with reminders to distance and take precuations like masks and hygiene.


The terminal was completely barren, a sad sign of the times for airlines. 

Pre flight, American’s Flagship Lounge at JFK remains closed, and all guests are directed to the makeshift Admirals Club.  Just about everything except a yogurt will cost you, even if you’re Oneworld Sapphire or Emerald.


Hope you like yoghurt!  An underwhelming start, for sure.

But things improved dramatically on board.   American had full Casper bedding, flat beds and great amenity kits from APL. The crew couldn’t have been more welcoming to my family.

The flight was almost entirely full.  Probably 7/10 in first class, 18/20 in business and mostly full in economy.

Great Wine Menu!

Great Food Menu!

Even the FEL Pinot Noir fell victim to covid-19 cuts, served in plastic cups. 

But, oddly, main meals were served with proper cutlery and nice dishware. And were delicious! 

The crew was incredibly kind and welcoming, among the friendliest I've ever had on American.  A little respect and politeness goes a long way these days.

Even the chocolate chip cookies are back!  While service was minimal on the ground, it was top notch and complete in air. I would love to see American introduce free wipes and hygiene gel on board though! Would I do it again? For sure. I felt safe, and the on board experience was great. Much like pre-covid-19 times.