What It's Like Visiting Greece Right Now. 

After months of lockdown, I headed for Greece, where infection rates remained relatively low, and weather relatively perfect. Here’s how the experience went.

Flying felt relatively safe. Everyone wore masks, and most airlines now hand out sanitizing kits to wipe down your seat. Who knew planes could be so clean?!

Arrival in Santorini was excellent.  Social distancing signs were everywhere, and authorities performed random covid-19 tests on select passengers. It felt secure. 

Taking transportation in Greece

For all my rides while in Santorini, I was masked up, as was every driver. It’s the same in shops, but not restaurants, where masks aren’t necessary for guests.

Arriving at a hotel or villa, you’ll find strict new protocols in place, including masks and gloves for staff and additional cleaning measures.

To avoid crowds, I stayed at a new private villa called Santorini Sky, which boasts just six private suites, offering extra seclusion, without any shared facilities.

The weather is amazing right now. Wonderfully dry, gorgeous as ever, with an added feeling of escape, in a year where many simply won’t travel.

Food never stops wowing in Greece, and nothing has changed there. In most restaurants staff wear masks and gloves, and you can enjoy your meal without, obviously.

Beach clubs in Greece are  even taking extra precautions, handing out towels sealed in plastic.

With no cruises, even the most amazing locations are quiet. 

Including stunning Oia, which has 10,000 fewer visitors per day.

Basically, if you're up for it, there's hardly ever been a better time to visit Greece.  It's warm, wonderful and friendler than ever.