48 Hours in Stockholm

Stockholm is one of the most manageable cities in Europe with direct flights from most capitals, 20 minute access to the airport to the city and great hotels at every turn, not to mention an incredible number of restaurants.

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Getting Into Town

The Arlanda Express is a brilliant train which takes 20 minutes door to door  and runs constantly. If the train isn’t your game, Uber, taxi and all the other options exist.

Where to Stay

Geographically speaking, Stockholm is really accessible from wherever you stay. There are great hotels in the Old Town, solid choices sprinkled around the most central areas and other options further afield work well too.

Getting Around

The underground, or metro, in Stockholm is actually worth taking at least once, even if you don’t need to. Each major metro station offers a unique design theme, almost all of which are quite literally works of art.

Best Breakfast Spots

In a city known for famous cafes, and enviable coffee culture there are plenty of idyllic places for breakfast.

Drop Coffee, Johan & Nystrom, Café Pascal, Cafe Foam and Chokladkoppen. 

Breakfast Spots

For slightly more substantial 'brunch' style spots check out Pom & Flora, Gretas, Café Pascal or Greasy Spoon.

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Best for Lunch or Dinner

From super high end Michelin starred sushi to inventive viking food or French classics, you really can’t go wrong in a city with an extreme focus on fresh local produce.

On the very high end, Lilla Ego, Aloë, Rutabaga, Matbaren, Gastrologik, Tak or Eksted.

Lunch & Dinner Spots

For slightly more wallet  friendly options which don’t compromise at all on taste, Sushi Sho, Babette, Lux Dag för Dag or Cafe Tarte Flambee.

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DAY ONE Sodermalm and Beyond

To understand Stockholm you must first pass through Gamla Stan, aka the Old Town. It’s steeped in history but it’s far from a history class. 

Here you will find world class shopping, underground coffee joints, museums (including the ABBA museum)  zoo, aquarium,  as well as incredible views.

DAY TWO  Food Trucks and Seasonal Treats

To start the day, it’s really worth heading to one of the 14 colourful metro stations and taking a ride on one of the world’s best transit systems. 

Check out the boutique shops and cafes in Sodermalm and walk along the water in Central Stockholm, 

If you happen to be visiting in April or early May, Kungsträdgården is the perfect stop. It’s the Instagram famous cherry blossom square.


After enjoying these spots, we trust you’ll be back to explore more. Stockholm is a city you really do need to see twice.