The Basics (Beginners Guide)

You’re here because you’ve seen the stories, you’ve read the news and now you know there are opportunities to unlock some incredible travel experiences without spending an outrageous amount of money. Whether it’s just finding great flight and hotel deals, using miles to fly first class, getting upgrades, making travel more comfortable, or just getting what you’re owed when it goes wrong, we’ve got it all covered. We know that a lot of the terminology, concepts and ideas tossed around seems like a foreign language and it’s our goal to make you feel like a fluent speaker as possible. After all, we’ve experienced more than $100,000 worth of free flights and hotels in the last couple years just from doing every day things, some without leaving the house let alone traveling. These are tricks worth knowing. We have great starter posts in each category below, so scroll away!

Starter Tips For Collecting + Earning Miles

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Starter Tips For Finding Cheap Flight Deals

Starter Tips For Finding Great Hotel Deals

Starter Tips For Scoring Upgrades 

Savvy Travel Tips To Save Money And Add Fun

Best Ways To Use Your Credit Card Points + Miles…