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TV’s are cool, comfy seats are very appreciated, but it’s high time that someone created an immersive, intelligent tech experience, putting the user in control of their entire flight. From reclining, ordering, flicking channels and memorizing favorite snacks and more, smart seat technology is the way forward and Panasonic, B/E Aerospace and Teague are onto a major winner their new seat…

There is so much more to this relationship than your phone connecting to a seat. This is about you controlling every aspect of your flight. In flight service, seat position, surroundings; all at the tap of a phone button. Speaking of surroundings, your business suite, is fully enclosed, thanks to the sliding door (pictured above) and even has a do not disturb button…

Usually move from coffee to a glass of champagne and prefer a purple mood lighting for sleep time? It knows. To connect, you’ll simply point your phone at the screen, pairing will begin and if you’ve flown the airline before, your preferences will be downloaded and populated onto the screen, ready for you to master your domain. You’ll be able to choose a lighting color scheme for your pod, browse your reservation details and check local information at your destination, but that’s just the beginning. 

Everything down to a personally curated cue of movies are ready and waiting, all tailored to you based on previous flights, experiences and customer notes. You can even set your sleep preferences, where presumably the seat will vibrate or make noise to wake you up at your ideal time. Whatever that may be. Continuing that thought, as I mentioned, you can customize the lighting scheme for your pod, even creating pre sets for work time, movie time, dinner time and sleep. So many colors in the rainbow…

If you almost never find a comfortable temperature on the plane, press the screen above. Just kidding of course. In all seriousness, each seat features it’s own air system with the ability to direct cool or warm air through the seat, allowing for everyone to reach their inner cool…or warmth. 

Business or selfies? Who cares! Using state of the art proximity technology the seat will wirelessly charge your phone. Full battery the whole way, and without a doubt, you’ll have access to wicked fast wifi, there’s always airplane mode if you want peace.

Minus the fully enclosed door, which is a nice touch, these seats, named “Waterfront” aren’t all too different than some of the best current offerings in terms of “seat”. It’s the guts that make them innovative and brilliant. Who wouldn’t want an enclosed suite, tailored to their needs, interests and desires, with a back massage from the seat or a drink order just a phone touch away. Ready to stop imagining? Me too. Fortunately, these seats are expected to launch in 2019. Until then, you’ll come closest with Air Canada’s current “Executive Pods” on the 787 Dreamliner, which happen to also feature a Panasonic electronics system. Early model? I think so.


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