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Guess what Parisians, you’re making an unannounced stop in London. La Compagnie is an all business class airline offering fares just above economy to corner the market between the US and Europe. The airline began with a service from Newark to Paris and have since made the major announcement to add service to London. Been waiting for the kicker? They only have ONE functioning plane!

Virtually unannounced in any way, the airline is using the same plane to continue service from Newark to London and onto Paris. If you book a ticket to Paris, unbeknownst to you, you will be stopping in London. Guess what London folks, if that plane has operational issues leaving Paris or Newark, it could be days before they reposition it to pick you up.  There was a recent incident where due to an operational issues, the next available flight from Newark to London was two days later than scheduled. For “business” travel, how would this ever be acceptable? I mentioned in this article that La Compagnie seems to have brought a knife to a gun fight. Unfortunately it seems they are now trying to bring one plane to a complex daily schedule. Technically, La Compagnie own a second plane which would help this problem down the line yet sadly there is no evidence of it flying! To save money the airline is flying Newark to Luton, Luton to Paris, turning around Paris to Luton and then onward back to Newark with one plane.  Four segments every two days where a potential problem would cancel all onward legs with no back up aircraft.

I don’t know whether La Compagnie are cheap, stupid or both. I take that back, this is an airline run by a few guys who previously sold an airline to British Airways, and would obviously love to double dip again. Perhaps they are in fact very smart and it’s built for inevitable sale. This is an airline entering an all out war. These routes are amongst the most coveted in the world and leaving customers helpless from any minor hiccup, on any segment does not provide me with an adequate dosage of optimism. When competing against the marketing and operational budgets of the big guys customer satisfaction and brand loyalty are pinnacle. Offering £650 for two days of delays simply doesn’t cut it. La Compagnie, I would love for you to prove me wrong because there is nothing fun about being right on this one. Better yet, have a plane for each route you fly, oh and maybe a back up too.

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