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If you’re like me, you find that whenever you go to book travel, you end up opening so many browser windows that you a) have no idea which one is which b) forget what you even started searching for and c) give up in frustration. Google must’ve shared the experience, because they’ve just launched an incredibly intuitive new 360 travel booking platform, requiring just one window to plan and book a whole trip…anywhere.


Unlike most sites, you can be totally vague or very precise about “where” you want to go and “what” you want to do. You cane enter something like “Europe Skiing Destination” and in seconds, you’ll see a total suite of information including destination options, pricing guides and key city info, such as “historic ruins, iconic art and the vatican” for Rome. From there we refine our preferences to make things perfect. The app will guide you through top attractions, rates, best times to visit and various highly rated travel and tourism itineraries…


Whether you know where you want go or not, if you have a general vibe, activity or passion you’re after, the app will guide you to the best places specifically under those guidlines. Beach usually works well for me! Whatever you choose, the app will recommend the best times of year for each, the cheapest rates and the best places. You’ll get the gist below…


We all have different budgets and everyone hates surprises, so the Google app takes the guess work out. You slide the bar to reflect your max budget, and the app will tell you all the destinations you can afford on your dates, or what else you can afford with flexible dates.

Refine Your Options

Now that I’ve set some filters, I’m seeing a list of cities in my budget that fit my interests and preferences. I’ll see detailed guides, itineraries and attraction info, as well as basic comparisons in rates for lodging and flight. Rome is a lot cheaper than Barcelona for hotels apparently! 

Plan Your Itinerary 

Before ever going to book, I’ll get a total city tour, giving me a chance to plan a trip, just by scrolling down through the Explore feature. You can get a real sense of what a trip of varying lengths could entail, the top sites and attractions, and of course, what’s best for you. I like it. 

Having thousands of actual traveler reviews of every attraction doesn’t hurt!

Booking: With Or Without Flexibility

If you’re flexible, the app even suggests the best times of year to visit, maximizing deals while creating savings. They’ve suggested March 26th for this particular London search. Obviously I personally would have to update the results for five star, but it’s nice to know that compared to the other coming months, that’s most likely going to be the best deal…

Flexibility is important but so is knowing when to go. How important is a forecast? Well, if you find yourself in Thailand during Monsoon season, I’ll let you tell me. These sort of practical outlooks and guides on rain and temperature and popularity really help you understand your wants and of course, your DON”T wants…

If I’m feeling adventurous and flexible, it’s nice to see a visual representation of price through the various weeks of the year, It’s hard to see, but you can save or lose hundreds of dollars in the next month depending on just a few specific days…

When you’re ready to book, they’ll show you the most popular options based on your preference fields and lowest prices. I’d personally take the 7:35PM and sleep immediately to get on a UK sleep schedule. Just a jet lag tip…

Expert Advice

This new feature, which you’ll find on mobile simply by searching as described, by adding the keyword “destination” to your search, is as friendly as they come. You’ll be able to book in one click, you’ll learn tons about your city, and you’ll have the strongest data in the world helping to make recommendations, just for you. You have nothing to lose and tons of travel knowledge to gain…

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