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EASY Starter TIPS For Earning Miles, Finding DEALS + Traveling BETTER…

If you're a new reader, please raise your hand by leaving a comment below! This week I was fortunate enough to be seen and heard in the news all over the world; and that matters because I want to make travel better for everyone. The most common feedback I hear is that all these tips and tricks seem too hard, too much work, too complicated and just are not worth it. I was in the news because my wife and I took a private jet for free, and have more business class flights for pennies coming up than I can count. You really can too and it's really worth it...(Continue Reading).


TEN Ways to Earn Frequent Flyer Miles WITHOUT Flying!

Miles are all the rage these days. Why? Because earning miles allows you to fly for free and the only thing better than a vacation, is a free vacation. The problem that most of us encounter is that we don't have the time or the budget to travel, which is the most traditional way to earn miles. Fortunately for all, there are tons of ways to earn miles without setting foot on an airplane, many without leaving your home. Here are ten to get you on point(s)!...(Continue Reading).


My Best Tips For Booking Hotels, Maximizing Benefits AND Picking The Right Ones…

Unless you're planning a vacation on a deserted island, and even if you are, chances are there are quite a few hotels vying for your business. Picking one is a process I find to be almost exhausting. If you think it ends there, you'd be wrong, once we've found the perfect hotel, which site do you use to book it?! Which rate? Here's a collection of practical ideas to ensure the best rates, the best benefits and hotels that don't treat you like this one...(Continue Reading). 


The SIMPLE Equation To Understand Value For Points + Miles….

If it don't save dollars then it don't make sense. Miles, points, Avios and all the other terms used to describe frequent flyer miles, credit card points and loyalty points have value. In most cases that value is not fixed. There are optimal ways to use miles, less optimal ways, and abysmal ways. The fundamental concept to ensure you are at the very least finding somewhat optimal ways, is to calculate cents per mile...(Continue Reading).

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