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I’m always amazed that a master key can open up any number of individual locks. It’s a simple but fascinating marvel. They say a passport can be your key to the world, and in most cases they’re absolutely right. Every country has a unique number of agreements where its passport bearers can travel visa free. Of course some keys open up more doors than others…

The BEST Passports

1. Germany

Germans love to travel, why wouldn’t they, they can visit 177 countries visa free!

2. Sweden

Sweden has one sweet passport, coming in second on the list with 176 visa free countries.

3. Finland, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom

How do you say “let’s go somewhere” in five languages? Probably by holding one of these passports, allowing you to travel seamlessly through 175 countries.

4. United States, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands

There are bragging rights involved in this list, and the US, the former No. 1 has dropped to No. 4, missing the mark by just 3 countries, tied with Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands.

5. Japan, Austria, Singapore

It’s no mistake that countries with three of the top airlines have citizens with open access to 173 countries. Arigato, world!

6. Canada, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Norway, South Korea, Switzerland

It’s just such a tight race to have the best passport, and this list of diplomatic countries are just one behind Japan, Austria and Singapore, with 172 visa free destinations.

7. Greece, New Zealand

These beautiful island nations have one thing in common, 171 countries which their passport holders can visit. But why would they ever leave?

8. Australia

Australians can say “G’day”, in 169 countries, a two country drop from seventh place in this global race for passport domination.

9. Malta

A few mere miles and seven visa free countries from Italy, citizens of Malta have one of the ten best passports with 168 countries to roam.

10. Czech Republic, Hungary, Iceland

It may be cold in many of these places, but the world is quite warm to travelers from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Iceland, with 167 visa free countries.

The WORST Passports

Holding a passport from Myanmar, North Korea, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Yemen, Kosovo, South Sudan, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Iraq or Iran unfortunately doesn’t cut the world in half, it quarters it, with citizens of these respective countries granted visa free travel to a maximum of 40 countries and a minimum of 25 countries. For the sake of their people, let’s hope those numbers improve.

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