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Big waves, sandy beaches- it’s no mistake that the ideal getaway for most travelers is often exactly what surfers are constantly on the lookout for. Surfers have one distinct advantage though: they don’t travel for the hotels, restaurants and nightlife, all they care about is the surf. If you want to know where the next trending, swoon worthy destination is going to be, follow the surfers, they’ll find it before your favorite luxury hotel brand, and if you want an authentic experience (before it’s ruined), you should try to beat them there too.

It’s the great secret of staying on top of tourism trends. On a recent trip to Nusa Lembongan, a picturesque island off of Bali, we were let in on the best travel tip yet. You see, within the last couple of years the island has started to become much more known to tourists, and hotels and shops are starting to appear out of nowhere. The island even recently got its first ATM cash machine. It is a top spot for surfing, diving, and relaxing in paradise (and still seems incredibly remote)- but guess what- surfers found its majesty years before the rest of us. They were there before luxury villas, hotels and fine dining restaurants were installed, when the island was just a hidden spot with gorgeous sunsets, perfect beaches and breaking waves. This is happening all over the world, and we’re not saying you should go right when they do, but you should watch where the surfers are headed next.

Whether it’s Australia, Hawaii, Fiji, Indonesia or somewhere you’ve never even heard of, chances are if it’s got some big waves and beautiful, unforgettable scenery (sounds nice, right?) and has managed not to already be hit with tourism, it soon will be. Find out where the surfers, divers snorkelers (who are happy to rough it on the shore) are headed and add it to your destination list. You just might get there before the influx of tourists with selfie sticks arrive. Don’t worry, we haven’t just left you to scramble and find the next best destinations. Here are a select few spectacular surf spots to enjoy in the meantime, whether you surf or not…

Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Maresias, São Sebastião, Brazil

Margaret River, Australia

Tofino, British Columbia

Ericeira, Portugal

What’s your favorite semi undiscovered island?

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