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Good morning US travelers, good afternoon UK, Europe readers and good evening those in Asia Pacific. Today we’ve got some usual suspects up to the usual deeds: selling miles, raising rates and striking. Here are the most important things you need to know today in travel…

Air France Pilots Planning To Strike During Euro 2016…

Dear French everyone involved in aviation who has been or will go on strike, **** you. Stop striking, be thankful you have a job paying a highly decent wage and get to work. You’re costing the world millions for very petty gains and your insane social sense of fairness is going to make your country (and your very decent national airline) more irrelevant than Miley Cyrus. Air France pilots are planning a strike from June 11-14th, so if you’re traveling with the airline be warned, chaos may ensue. The airline are not offering refunds, but rather travel vouchers valid for a year if you are affected.

My NEWEST Conde Nast Traveler Contribution…

This year I’ve had the pleasure of writing for Conde Nast Traveler and I love it. They’ve been extremely kind in allowing me to pitch topics I want to cover and write stories I’m passionate about. Though few seemed to care about the story on this site, readers of CN Traveler enjoyed this article on solar energy being harnessed from your window blind and being turned into charging stations, reducing wiring, giving you more space and all the good stuff. Read HERE.

Alaska + Virgin Selling Miles With Good Discount…

When fares are prohibitively expensive, buying miles is your chance to arbitrage your way into paying less for the same flights instead of purchasing the ticket just using cash. While there are instances (specific imminent uses) where buying miles can be of excellent value compared to just buying a ticket, we’re seeing more low fares in all cabins to most destinations, making this less of a “bargain”. If you have a use in mind where you know buying Virgin America points for travel on Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia or Virgin America is cheaper than booking a ticket OR buying Alaska miles for travel on Qantas, Cathay, Hainan, Delta or British AIrways is cheaper than buying a ticket, go for it. Buy Alaska miles HERE. Buy Virgin America miles HERE.

Lufthansa Raises Intra European Mileage Rates…

For those hoping to cash in Lufthansa miles for intra European flights, there’s good news and bad news. Lufthansa has raised the rates using miles (marginally) while decreasing the surcharges. This is somewhat an offset net nothing, saving you a bit of cash while taking a few more of your miles, but really it’s a bit petty. Just lower the (egregious) surcharges and keep the rates the same. They were already strikingly high.

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