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Let’s structure this article like a television infomercial about weight loss without any effort…

Hello there! Do you suffer from family travel irritation when young children, babies and annoying adults are loud on an airplane? Does it make you angry, and want to share your frustration with your social media followings? Today, you’re in luck. There’s a magical cure which can end your frustrations forever, for the great monthly price of $19 a month, for about 10 months. Put down that $5 coffee from Starbucks and pick up the phone now…

family travelCalled Out

That’s right – you’re officially called out, because in 2018 and soon to be 2019, it’s absolutely ridiculous to complain about noise… well, anywhere. You may not know Nathaniel Baldwin, but he’s the protagonist of this story. In 1910, yes, before many of you were alive, the gentleman used his bare hands to create something called “headphones”, which he then sold to the Navy. For 100 years or so, headphones were alright, but in the last 10 years they’ve become incredible.

Family travel is hard enough. It’s time to stop complaining about babies or kids in your cabin, and that’s especially true in first and business class, where airlines actually hand out noise cancelling headphones for free. It’s you, not them. One of the few things we all share in common is that we were all once babies and all once kids. At some point, we made noise and probably didn’t even know we were doing it. As babies, aside from a few child stars, we also lacked the ability to earn cold hard cash unlike yourself, reading this from a $1000 phone.

The Remedy

But you don’t. You can earn all the cold hard cash you want and instead of spending $5 a day on sugary, mass produced coffee, you can save up anywhere from $60-$300 and buy yourself noise cancelling headphones. I was recently asked by Good Morning America about the travel item I just can’t leave home without and the answer is always noise cancelling headphones. I use the Bose QC35’s and they’re fantastic. Many people also love the Bang & Olufsen H9i’s. There’s even an article dedicated to the best options in each price category.

It’s not them, it’s you. When I tap the lovely button on my headphones that turns the noise cancelling on and crank up my favorite tune or TV show, I can have a blaring baby next to me and I still can’t hear a thing. I recently shared the news that “we’re expecting” in 2019 and while many chose to leave sweet well wishing comments, many also took the opportunity to (mostly jokingly) tell me not to bring the young one into their precious first or business class cabins. To those people I say this: if you can afford to sit there one way or another, you can afford to buy some headphones and shut up. The only thing more annoying than a crying baby is a whining adult.

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