What a gem!

Virtually every hotel chain has launched a fall bonus offer, designed to win your business over the other. Bonus points are nice, 20% off is fine, but giving someone a chance to test drive top tier hotel elite guest status is a whole different ballpark. IHG, the group behind Intercontinental, Kimpton and many other preferred hotels is offering a 90 day free trial, allowing you to instantly register for top tier status. Get in while you can, because this offer is hot…

The Offer

It’s super simple. Register for IHG Rewards or link your current account and hit send. Via this offer page, you’ll be able to instant upgrade your account to “Spire Elite” in the IHG Rewards Club scheme for 90 days. The status will expire on the 31st of December, 2018. No previous elite status with any other hotel chain is required. There’s no telling when this offer will expire, so if this could benefit an upcoming hotel stay, or sway some loyalty – dive in now. Offer is here.

Great Move

This is the season where every traveler weighs their loyalty. Was all that effort worth it? Did I really benefit from the benefits I paid so much to receive? This is a brilliant way to pick off potentially disillusioned travelers who’ve experienced a rocky year with their loyalty program. November and December are two of the best times of year to travel thanks to low fares and off peak hotel pricing. Couple this with the top tier elite status and your fall travel may have just received a serious upgrade, not even including the room upgrades!

Fine Print

There’s really not much fine print. It’s important to keep in mind that this is really only worth doing if you plan to actually take advantage of the status benefits. If you have lots of upcoming travel, Marriott’s fast track to Gold or Platinum could also be worth your time. Here’s the t&c’s from IHG themselves. Enjoy your top tier guest status!