Tis’ the season…

When it comes to the holidays, it feels as if airlines don’t quite have the spirit. Sure, they’re good at giving higher flight prices, but that’s not quite what we’re looking for. So when sales come up, which allow you to bypass the stress of the holidays with cozy beds in the sky, and champagne before boarding, it’s officially time to rejoice. Aer Lingus has attractive deals from Europe to the USA in business class, even during peak, peak December holiday time.

The Flight Deals

Aer Lingus business class offers direct aisle access, comfy seats which turn into fully flat beds. The seats recently even made headlines, when producers of the X-factor pretended that the contestants were flying in these delightful seats, despite them actually being seated in economy. But for £1145 round trip, you can actually sit in the seats the entire time to places like New York and Boston from Dublin, Barcelona and Lisbon.

The Dates

These flight deals are available on scattered dates throughout late December, and are slightly higher in November, January and February. Basically, they’re designed as early bird December holiday deals, for those who might brick it hoping for flight deals as the dates close in. There’s always a chance great offers may funnel in, perhaps even better than this one, but if you’re risk averse and comfortable at this price, there’s not much to lose.

How To Book

These flight deals can be booked directly with Aer Lingus, and earn points on a variety of airlines. We’ve made a bunch of Google Flights links, which take you directly to the lowest deals so that you can play around and book something perfect with minimal effort. You’re very welcome. Here are the lowest round trip business class deals to the USA, like: £1145 Dublin to New York, £1150 Dublin to Boston, £1280 Barcelona to New York, £1280 Lisbon to New York, £1290 Amsterdam to Boston or New York. Enjoy!