Who doesn’t love a good mystery?

AsiaMiles is an airline loyalty program you may have heard of, but likely haven’t used – yet. Even after a recent devaluation, and perhaps because of it, AsiaMiles, the spin off loyalty program of Cathay Pacific, is an extremely good choice, offering extremely good values. That’s especially true for the “around the world in style” dreamers out there. Amex has now sweetened the pot, adding new reason to consider a points transfer to AsiaMiles, with mystery bonuses…

Mystery Bonus

American Express Membership Rewards cardmembers in the USA will find a mystery bonus when they login to their accounts online and pull up AsiaMiles, under points transfer partners. Bonuses appear to range between 10-30%, and for a program as valuable as this one, any bonus is a good bonus. Try your luck here, and then we’ll explain why it might be a good idea…

Great Values

How does 165,000 points for around the world in business class, or 260,000 for around the world in first class sound? If they sound good, the current Amex transfer bonus may make them better. AsiaMiles offers exceptionally good value if you use multiple OneWorld airlines in a reservation, like American, Cathay and Japan Airlines, rather than just one. Their charts work on distance, and not just point to point, and with multiple stopovers allowed, there’s lots of room to create exciting trips.

Should You?

Since the AsiaMiles program has already devalued, one could say it’s a relatively safe haven in the near term. But with that said, there’s no safer place to leave your Amex Points than with Amex themselves. If you have imminent plans, or plans you’ll act on in the next few months, and the AsiaMiles rates seem like a great option, this transfer bonus sweetens the deal. If, however, you don’t have immediate plans, and may prefer to use another program, best to give this a pass. There’s no question that there are steals to be had here, if you’re using more than one OneWorld airline in a single reservation.

What bonus did you receive?

HT: ViewFromTheWing.