That’s 3X, for anyone keeping score…

Hilton Honors is coming after your upcoming travel plans. Instead of the usual 10 points per dollar spent at most Hilton Hotels, guests will soon be able to rack up 30 points per dollar spent (aka triple points) at luxury hotels and resorts, and a solid 20 points per dollar (aka double points) at most other Hilton hotels. Basically, if you’re staying at a Hilton between September 10th, 2018 and January 3rd, 2019 – you’d be bat ish’ crazy not to register for your extra points.

Hilton Dubai

The Promotion

This is simple, easy and clean. Register here, and you’ll earn bonus Hilton Honors points for all hotel stays between September 10th, 2018 and January 3rd, 2019. That’s more than four full calendar months of bonus points earning time. Hilton has an easy map for understanding which of their hotels, such as Conrad’s count as “luxury or resort” earning 3x points, and which others are just “nice” and will earn you 2x points. And don’t be put off by the phrase “luxury” – hotels such as the DoubleTree Goa are available for under $100 a night and qualify for the 30 points per dollar (3x). The promotions get even sweeter if you’re a frequent guest.

Conrad Manila

The Details

There are no caps on how many points you can earn, so you can officially go wild. Also nice for people who aren’t insanely frequent hotel guests: there’s no minimum night requirement to take advantage of the bonus promo. You’ll start earning either 2x or 3x with your very first stay from September 10th onward. In addition to these nice bonuses, elite members with Silver, Gold and Diamond status will earn their elite tier bonuses on top. A Diamond Hilton Honors member would earn 40 points per dollar spent, which is absolutely phenomenal.

Conrad Bora Bora

The Registration

You can register for the new Hilton promotion here. Once registered, check out the dedicated page for “luxury and resort” hotels which will earn you 3x points instead of 2x. If you’re in search of major points, it may be worth paying marginally more to book into a 3x hotel instead of a 2x. However you slice it, you’ll get more of the pie after registering for this offer.

Featured image courtesy of the Conrad Bali.


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