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See? Free upgrades do happen sometimes…

Alaska Airlines has expanded all over the U.S., thanks to an acquisition of Virgin America. Despite recent unfriendly passenger changes, it’s still one of the most beloved airlines in America and offers one of the most lucrative loyalty programs in the world. Speaking of which, everyone loves free upgrades, and if you’re in need of one, today might be your lucky day. We’ve got four one way Alaska Airlines upgrades to giveaway, not because we’re particularly nice, but really just because we can’t make use of them – and someone should. Let me upgrade you?

The Rules

This is not a contest for people to win things, store them in their sock drawer and forget about them. This is about improving peoples travels today – right now! If you have a booking that’s instantly upgradeable, or you’re going to make one TODAY, and can prove that your flight is upgradeable, you can request either 1 upgrade if it’s you traveling, or 2 if you’re traveling with a companion. You cannot request 2 to use separately. Be reasonable here. Now about confirming upgrade availability. This will get you from economy to first class on Alaska Airlines flights…

UPDATE: It appears we’re all out. If some are still unused by midnight, we’ll re release – so feel free to email and jump in the queue. We always love hearing from people. Well, not always, but when it’s nice stuff…

Upgrade Availability

Alaska makes upgrade availability using these certificates really easy. First, start at this page. For “upgrade type” enter “MVP Guest”. Enter your flight search details, and then you’ll want to look for flights with a blue F. Err, actually a white F, with a blue background. It looks like this…As you can see, there are some flights where there’s a minimum fare needed to use the upgrade, and in some cases, it’s not worth booking that fare. However, there are plenty of examples where the cheapest economy fare is the same as the cheapest upgradeable fare so you pay nothing, and move to first class. In the (bad) example above, the flight we point to is a $20 difference to become upgradeable. If you already have a flight booked, just search for your flight as if you were buying a new ticket to see if there’s “blue” space or login to your booking, go to the bottom right corner and look up MVP Gold Guest to see if you can upgrade. Obviously, the longer the flight – the better. If you win, we’ll give you an upgrade code you can plug in or call to use instantly and upgrade. These upgrades must be used by December 31st, 2018.

How To Enter

This is about fun and good intentions, so let’s keep it legalese free. If you find yourself feeling like a lawsuit is in order for not winning a random giveaway on the internet, take a long walk off a short pier. The best travel deals are all about speed, so we’re going to let these upgrades go to the people who frequent this blog and others, and don’t hesitate to take advantage of an offer  – first come first serve. Email gstp@godsavethepoints.com with a screenshot of your booking being eligible, or the booking you’re about to make being eligible, or if you’re not tech savvy, explain why you know it is. We’re not going to pay your fare difference needed to upgrade if one exists, but we’ll give you the access code which will instantly unlock your upgrade online. Don’t be a jerk and try to get a code if you aren’t going to immediately use it.


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