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Run, don’t walk…

There are times where you just want to squeeze the skies above to say thank you for deals that are oh so sweet. This is one of those rare times. Qatar Airways is running an absolutely absurd flash sale to one of the most sought after destinations on earth: the Maldives. The amazing part? It’s in business class, for less than most people pay for economy. You can score round trip, award winning business class from Europe to Male for just £775, which is enough to make you want to kiss a stranger. These deals WILL NOT LAST, so if you want in… RUN.

The Deal

Update: As of 8:30PM GMT (13:30 EST) this deal is now dead. Congrats to those who are now about to ball out in the Maldives for a ridiculous price. If you missed out but wanted in, consider reading this, which tells you how to never miss a flight deal again ; )

Qatar Airways has crazy discounted business class tickets to Male from easy to reach Budapest. For just £775 round trip, you can enjoy flat beds and fantastic service the entire way, aboard the fantastic Airbus A330 and A350 aircraft. The Maldives is a destination that’s virtually never on sale, which makes these fares even more extraordinary than usual. And come on, it’s Qatar business class, arguably the best in the world

The Dates

This is all about squeezing the life out of 2018. These deals are only available from August 27 through December 13th, 2018 but during those dates, they’re available virtually every single day. You literally won’t do better than this for round trip business class. These deals are so easily worth using points or a cheap flight to reach Budapest from wherever you are in Europe, to take part, especially since economy is more from most European cities.

How To Book

You can book these deals directly with Qatar Airways by searching from BUD to MLE – here. You can use the Qatar Airways flexible date calendar tool to find the lowest prices with relative ease. You’re looking for a price 307,000 HUF, which comes to about $1100 or £750 all in! You’ll receive the award winning dine on demand service, incredible lounges and showers in Doha and fully flat beds, including the best plane for reducing jet lag. The Maldives is always worth a visit, especially when you can get there for less than economy!

Thank you to our German friends You Have Been Upgraded for the amazing find!