From the Plaza Mayor to Las Ramblas – Spain is the place to visit right now. In fact, Spain is the second most visited country in the world, behind only France, and with the country’s endless beaches, museums and celebrated culinary scene, there’s no sign of things slowing down any time soon. If you want to experience Spain for yourself, while dodging peak summer tourist season, these premium economy deals offer incredible value – and comfort. And yes – you really can bring a checked bag, maybe even two! It’s like domestic first class, just a lot nicer.

The Flight Deal

Premium Economy is the new sweet spot for international travel, especially in incredible sales such as this one. Prices are a lot closer to economy than business, but the comforts are hard to argue with. Expect a wider seat closer to the planes exit door, at least 6” of extra recline, better food, free flowing drinks and a generous baggage allowance, especially when you consider that most economy tickets no longer offer any complimentary bags!  How are you supposed to look glamorous in Europe with carry on luggage?! Oh! And priority boarding! Everyone loves priority boarding. These deals are available from New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Washington DC and more – all under $1000, with the best deals rivaling economy prices at $799 all in round trip!

The Dates

These hot premium economy deals are wide open from September 2018 thru early May 2019, with the exception of peak winter holiday travel in mid-late December. Economy prices can easily rival these offers, and when you add in the extra comfort, miles, and checked bag, it’s almost a no brainer. Plus, if you have a credit card such as Chase Sapphire Reserve, you can book these tickets for as few as 54,000 points all in – and you’ll earn tons of points back!

How To Book

These deals are easy to book using Google Flights from any of the cities mentioned above. As always, we recommend comparing the best results from Google with the best results from the cheapest websites to book flights, like Momondo. Here are examples of the best deals, like: $799 New York City to Barcelona, $799 Miami to Barcelona, $800 Boston to Barcelona$949 Los Angeles to Barcelona and $980 San Francisco to Barcelona and one last oddball, $814 D.C. to Paris. Yes, we know Paris isn’t in Spain, it’s just a great deal. Enjoy!