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It’s officially real, and it’s officially incredible…

We’re not going to lie, this post was never going to be written, until about 2PM today. Yesterday a promotion surfaced offering 9,000 Avios Points for a single Iberia booking, in addition to any points for actually flying. There were hardly any restrictions, and reports seemed to suggest that you didn’t even have to fly! Just saying that, is sounds too good to be true, and alas, we were sure another shoe would drop and the promotion would come up short. That is, until Iberia got in touch to confirm that the promotion is 100% real, and just as good as it sounds…

The Promotion

Iberia is offering 9,000 Avios for every single booking, and unlike most flights, they’re awarding the points within 10 days of purchase – whether you actually fly or not. You must have an Iberia Plus account to take advantage, and if you don’t already have one, you can make one instantly too. The only catch? You must book by June 24th. Any bookings, even short haul regional Iberia flights which start at just €18 one way count. yes – you could theoretically max out this promotion and receive 90,000 Avios for just €180. That’s gotta be the best deal ever. And yes, you really don’t even have to take the flights, you just can’t cancel or receive a refund. And of course – if you DO fly, you’ll get extra points too! This is bonkers. Simply book from this offer page. ONLY this offer page.

Taking It Further

You must simply book these tickets by the 24th of June 2018, not fly. That means you could book speculative tickets you hope to be able to take advantage of later in the year, or next year. We recommend using these brilliant Google Flights tricks to find the lowest Iberia prices. You’ll still receive your (up to) 90,000 Avios within 10 days. These are Iberia Avios, which in theory can be easily transferred into British Airways Avios. The only other catch, is that these magic Iberia Avios MUST be spent by December 1st, 2018. Spent, not flown. All you need to do is find an awesome flight using points and get it booked before December 1st. You could fly across a variety of dates in 2019 as well.

This Is Incredible

Scoring up to 90,000 Avios for booking flights is nothing short of incredible. It may truly be the best Avios promotion ever offered. 90,000 points can go a long way. And since you’re getting Avios within 10 days of the 24th of June, you’re primed to book fantastic getaways in business class or a whole lot of getaways in economy. This offer will be gone before you know it, so get those Iberia bookings in place, and if you can – pick ones you may be able to actually use. Either way, 9,000 points per booking are coming your way shortly. The lowest the flight price the better.

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