That’s double the public offer…

We can’t help but laugh writing this post. Why? Because the one thing everyone should be doing seems to be the one thing no one ever wants to read about on here. Funny how that goes. People fail to realize that in addition to credit card points, airline miles and hotel points – they can earn actual cash back – just for making an extra click before a purchase. It’s that simple. To help drill this lucrative point into peoples minds, has generously offered an exclusive bonus to our readers.

Courtesy of Intercontinental Tahiti.

Explaining Cash Back Sites

The internet is all about commerce. Each click you send around the web is worth something. Sites such as get paid when people make sales on other websites. Since they get paid, they share the commission with you. It’s that simple. You get the same price from whatever lifestyle, shopping, clothing, travel company or whatever you buy, you still buy it on your favorite brands site, but for clicking over from TopCashBack, you receive a percentage back. And yes, just about any site you buy from that you can possibly think of is on Like… Nike, Apple, Saks, major hotel chains, airlines, booking sites – you name it.

An Easy Example

Let’s say you wanted to book a lovely Intercontinental Hotel. You could go to Intercontinental directly and pay lets say… $200 for a night. But by first logging into Top Cash Back, and then clicking to Intercontinental’s direct booking site – you’d still pay $200, you still get your loyalty points – you just get a percentage back, in actual cash. That’s in addition to any points you earn from Intercontinental, and any credit card points you get for making the purchase.

Exclusive Earn $10 – Get $20

Some top brands in travel, fashion, tech and lifestyle offer more than 10% cash back on Top Cash Back. If you can find one of these that works for you, spending $100 would get you $10 back, and for earning $10 in cash back – is kicking in an exclusive bonus of $20, for a total of $30. That could truly be as sweet as spend $100, get $30 back in cash. Whatever the rate of cash back offered, you’re earning money back on every purchase, and when your cash back reaches $10, you get an extra $20 as a one time bonus. That’s fantastic return.

Who Can Get In

Anyone around the world using can get in. This is yet another reason why a VPN can be brilliant. Simply create an account using this exclusive link and when you’ve earned your first $10 in cash back, you’ll get your $20 bonus on top! We get $5 for sending you, so thanks in advance. Sometimes, everyone wins! In our opinion this is a no brainer, increasing the money you save and earn back on every travel purchase. It’s the rebate that keeps on rebating. What’s not to like? Oh – and like most great things, this offer expires – June 12th at midnight in fact.

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