Don’t walk – run.

Canada is a magnificent place to visit, from the rugged Eastern shores to the West. From beautiful Cape Spear in Newfoundland to the magic of Whistler in Vancouver, there’s a lot to love. If you’re fast, you can love it all starting at just £49 round trip. This deal will probably last about as long as a reality TV marriage, but if you don’t mind rolling the dice, and would love an amazing trip – get moving. Deal alert!

The Deal

WestJet is aggressively launching London flights to Vancouver and Halifax. So aggressively, they appear to have launched a sale to Halifax and St. John for just €49 round trip. Yes, for less than £50, you can fly from London to Halifax, open jaw and depart from St. John to Dublin, enjoying an amazing Northeast Canada getaway. If you’d prefer Vancouver, you can fly direct from London to Vancouver and then make your way across Canada on the same ticket, departing from St. John to Dublin for just £40 more. There’s no guarantee that the airline will still feel so generous in the days to come, so only book if you have some flexibility.

The Dates

These deals seem to offer sporadic dates in September, October and November. We were tipped off to the deals by our friends TravelZork, who were kind enough to share a link with us. We’ve included the links below, and suggest playing around to see what you can come up with. Even if you only plan to use the tickets one way, they’re a steal.

How To Book

TravelZork sent us easy to use Google Flights links, taking you directly to the best deals. Play around to see if you can find something that works, keeping all the pieces of the deal in tact. Just change dates. Here’s an example for the East Coast Halifax and St. John deal, and one for the Vancouver, returning from St. John deal. Don’t make any solid plans for at least a few days, until the airline allows the tickets to firm up. No one would recommend calling the airline and asking. Just check your reservation online and allow a week or so for the dust to settle. Hey, it’s a competitive business, and we applaud WestJet for launching such great deals.

Good luck!