Without question, Qatar Airways is one of the best airlines in the world. With their inventive new business class suites, state of the art new aircraft and impressive home airport, flying the airline is a pleasure in all cabins. But today we’re focusing on the cabin up front on board the brand new Airbus A350. Qatar Airways are offering incredible 2 for 1 deals from Sri Lanka and other Asian cities to Philadelphia, starting at just $1150 round trip.

The Deals

You’ll need two people to travel to take advantage of the very best offers, and these deals won’t shop up anywhere else but on Qatar Airways website. Be sure to pay attention throughout this post to make sure you’re searching properly. If you can find a travel companion, you can pay just $1150 round trip from Colombo to Philadelphia, enjoying the state of the art Airbus A350, which reduces jet lag for the long haul segment. Other great deals are available from Mumbai to JFK.

The Dates

We found availability in May, July, August, September, October and November. It’s possible other dates will exist, but this is when we found the best dates with ease. You’re looking for prices in Sri Lankan Rupees around 190,000 each way total for two passengers. For Mumbai to New York City deals, convert Indian Rupees to your local currency.

How To Book

You must search for two people traveling and you must enter promo code VISAWKND at the start of your search. The total price in Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR) will come out to 363,396 for the deal from Colombo to Philadelphia. Paying less than $1200 for round trip business class aboard one of the best airlines and seats in the sky is absolutely incredible. You can book these deals here. These offers will only be around for 72 hours and the countdown is already on!

Are you booking these incredible deals?

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