If cheap business class fares are your cup of tea, you’re probably getting a bit full. We don’t hear anyone complaining though! There are rampant fare wars going on all across Europe, where airline alliances are taking it to the heart of their competition. In this incarnation, SkyTeam airlines Delta, KLM and Air France and taking a shot at Star Alliance airline Lufthansa and TAP Portugal is taking a shot at SkyTeam!. The result? Great deals for flat bed business class to New York City…

The Deals

Ahhh, business class. The speedy check in lanes, fast track security, VIP lounges, flat beds and of course – complimentary drinks. It’s an amazing way to travel, and thanks to sales like this – it’s not completely out of reach. SkyTeam is offering some of the best fares in recent memory from Germany and Spain, even during peak summer travel and TAP Portugal is doing the same from Copenhagen and Oslo. Other countries are available for a bit more, but all deals point to New York City.

The Dates

These deals are astonishingly available even during peak summer travel, when economy tickets can rival these prices. New York in the Spring or late summer is magic. You can book these deals for May, June, July, August, September or October of 2018. Not every date will be available, but these deals have particularly good availability and should be easy to find!

How To Book

These deals can be booked directly with any of the three airlines. We suggest searching on Google Flights, checking prices against these websites and then assuming the prices are the same, booking direct with the airline. Here are the best deals from: Berlin, Oslo, Copenhagen and Madrid. These deals could be an excellent opportunity to take the Delta Airlines Platinum Medallion challenge, to gain a nice new frequent flyer status at a great price.