If you’re familiar with travel from the US to Argentina, you’re very familiar with economy tickets often costing more than $1500 round trips. So when we tell you that there are deals in business class, with beds on planes for $1293 round trip – it’s reason to get excited. Here’s everything you need to know to arrive in captivating Argentina, in style…

The Deals

There are exceptionally good deals from New York and Miami to Buenos Aires, Argentina with Avianca, LATAM and American. There are also solid deals from the West Coast as well. Buenos Aires is a thriving capital with bustling nightlife, boutique shopping, ridiculously good steaks and of course – red wine. Nearby by areas such as Punta Del Este are legendary for weekend retreats, as well.

The Dates

These deals are available in April, May and June – and then again in September, October and November. Not every single date will be available, but if you use these handy Google Flights tricks, you’ll be sure to find the best deals with ease.


Snagging these deals is no sweat. We’ve made easy to use links from New York and Miami. The New York deals are on Avianca, while the Miami deals are on a combination of airlines. Here are the best round trip business class deals to Buenos Aires from:  $1293 New York, $1525 Miami. Boston is available for $1900 and Los Angeles is available for $2500. Enjoy Argentina, you can’t go wrong!

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