Perhaps the greatest leap to try Airbnb, is uncertainty. What if I pick the worst place in the whole Airbnb listing? What if it doesn’t have filtered water? Or a good shower! You get the gist. Adding a luxury and standardizing element to the Airbnb service, while quelling guest fears – Airbnb has launched +, a hand picked collection of only the best Airbnb properties. They just may be worth a try


Every Airbnb+ accommodation has been visited and verified by Airbnb. Each property must pass a 100 point inspection to become a “plus” listing. The property must feature: lots of clean towels, quality pillows and bedding, thoughtful furniture, bottled or filtered water, cooking essentials, full working appliances, good wifi and of course, style. All hosts must maintain a 4.8 rating or above to stay in the program.

High End

Airbnb Plus is no limited to super luxurious (expensive) properties. All Airbnb accommodation types can earn a “plus” rating, including shared bedrooms. The plus is purely intended as a stamp of approval from Airbnb that the place will have everything you seek. If you’re a host, they’ve created a handy guide for becoming a “plus” rated property. Personal “character” is a must.


Airbnb now faces increased competition from OneFineStay and Oasis. This property curation increases booking confidence, which will likely drive more people to go ahead and book. A 100 point inspection is compelling stuff! Uncertainty is a negative factor for virtually any business, and if Airbnb is able to maintain a pristine “plus” program, this could be a compelling time saver. Throw in flexible payment options and competitive pricing and Airbnb is truly a force.

The Now

This feature is immediately available, and you can instantly find it in cities around the world. Airbnb has a dedicated plus page, explaining the program in greater detail which is well worth a browse. Expect Airbnb quality to improve over the coming months, as more and more properties attempt to become Airbnb+ rated. We’ll take it! And you can take $40 off your first booking, using our invite!

Will you seek out Airbnb+ accommodations in the future?