There’s something beautiful about solitude, reflection and calling your own shots. Leave when you want, eat when you want – see what you love. But when it comes to travel, going solo often isn’t very fair. From deals to safety, the more you look at it, the more you realize that going solo is anything but cheap and far from easy. Here’s where solo travelers are getting gouged, and our best tips to work around the bias.

2 For 1 Deals

Many of the very best deals involve a “2 for 1”. If traveling with a companion, family member or friend, you can score outrageous savings just by buying two tickets at once. Solo travelers? No dice. The prices are inevitably more expensive and force solo travelers to spend more than others.

Package Deals

One of the best ways to save on travel is booking flight & hotel package deals. These deals allow airlines, online travel agencies and hotels to offer prices that can’t be published if booked separately, but can work together. The rates are based on two people traveling and sharing one room, so for solo travelers, these deals aren’t even available.

Sharing Economy

Companies like Uber and Airbnb have made the “sharing economy” a literal thing. You can quickly and easily split the cost of a room, ride or anything else during your travels, instantly halving the cost. Again, for solo travelers – you’re forced to effectively pay double.


Drive past a cool stretch of a city and think it might be a great place for a morning run? You’re probably right, but understandably, many solo travelers will exercise caution, forcing them to miss out on elements of travel discovery. There’s safety in numbers and it’s sad that someone on their own must naturally be more cautious, especially for solo female travelers.

Table For One

And it gets worse! Very few restaurants offer suitable tables for solo travelers. Many are reluctant to lose out on space of a table for two, and solo diners are often given the worst, least cozy digs in the house. This makes even the simplest of pleasure, like food – a bit of a challenge.


Fortunately, great resources and communities exist for solo travelers. There are hugely popular solo travel discussion groups on Facebook and online. Many of these groups are able to secure special discounts at solo friendly hotels and other travel elements. Sites like, apps likeΒ Wandermates and others enable those who would usually go solo to find likeminded travel companions and grab recommendations for any trip. There are also package deals just for solo travelers, where anyone can join a group of other likeminded solo travelers to get even better deals than 2 for 1’s! These are all resources worth exploring, even if just for the deals.

Are you a solo traveler? What helps you make the most of your trips?