They’re back again, and even better than before! Star Alliance is aggressively attacking airlines in cities all across Europe and now they’re offering round trip business class at just €1200 to top destinations. These deals will not last, so get in while the going is good!

The Deals

Swiss, Air Canada, United, Brussels and just about every other Star Alliance airline are attacking airlines in Paris, while offering exceptional deals from Zurich too. You can score €1200 round trip tickets in the Star Alliance business class of your choice to New York, Washington DC, Boston, Chicago and Miami too. These deals are even available during peak summer when economy tickets can be more expensive!

The Dates

These deals are available from more flexible dates out of Zurich than Paris. The Paris deals are available from mid June 2018 thru mid August 2018. The Zurich deals are available before, during and after.

How To Book

These deals can be booked directly with the airlines. Here’s an example from Paris and an example from Zurich. If you’re booking with Swiss, we’d greatly appreciate you using our link for Swiss Airlines. You get the same price, but we get a slice of the sale. No hard feelings either way! These are phenomenal deals and we’re bookers at this price!

Are you booking one of these awesome deals?