Having the credit card of an airline you regularly fly with can make a huge difference. Airlines have long offered free checked baggage and priority boarding, but in an increasingly competitive credit card world, they’re going further. American Airlines credit card holders can now save up to 7,500 frequent flyer miles on flights all over the US and Canada.

The Deal

If you have an American Airlines credit card, you can save up to 7,500 miles off a round trip ticket using miles. You’ll save miles on one way tickets too. Taxes on tickets using miles within the US are generally just $5.60 cents, so you can score a round trip ticket for next to nothing in both miles and cash. The deal works for first class and economy tickets.


These reduced mileage deals are available to more than 75 destinations in the US and Canada. Basically, if you find a place you want to go to or from on the list – you’re going to save miles when you cash in points for a “free” flight. Here’s the full list.


These deals are valid for travel in February, March, April or May. The key is find SAAver space. SAAver space is dates where the lowest possible miles are needed for a flight. It’s easy to find because it’s labeled as SAAver. If it’s available, you’ll get additional miles off by following the instructions on the American Airlines deal page and calling in.

How To Book

It’s simple. Search on AA.com using “redeem miles” instead of cash. if there are “SAAver” tickets available on the dates you like, call the number found at the bottom of this page. Mention the offer code and you’ll magically find between 2,000 and 7,500 miles less required for a ticket. It’s fantastic.

Will you take advantage of this great deal?