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There’s a truly awesome offer out right now. All you need is a few seconds of your time and a Visa card. You’ll score a minimum of $20 bucks off your next car service ride. But for many people, credits of $45 or $75 or even $100’s are easily possible. Need an airport lift, ride around town or just any ride at all? Groundlink has a very lucrative promotion going on with Visa that’s not to be misssed.

The Deal

If you not already enrolled with Groundlink, you can instantly get $25 off your first ride, just for signing up. Register here and using promo code: 12wl. The $25 off will appear instantly. Now it’s time to stack more free money. Grab your wallet and every Visa credit card you have hidden in a sock drawer. Each card is going to save $20 or $30. You can add as many as you like!


You need a Visa Signature or Visa Infinite card. Most Visa credit cards issued around the world are one or the other. If you have Visa Signature – you get $20 credit and 10% off all rides. If you have Visa Infinite – you get $30 off and 15% off all rides. If you have multiple of each card, you can add as many as you like, receiving the same credit for each card added. You can potentially grab hundreds in ride credit. Free rides! Register Visa Signature here. Visa Infinite, here.


Groundlink is one of the most popular car service providers, but unlike Uber it’s more focused on traditional black car service and rides planned in advance. Think: airport, night on the town, point to point journeys. All drivers are professionals and generally operate in nice cars. The best part? You can stack these offers to your hearts content, scoring truly free rides in countless countries.

Are you taking advantage of this great deal?

HT: MilesToMemories for sharing the deal.