This isn’t an insatiably clickable rouse. This post is about the one immediate action you can take to save on flights not just once – but forever. You may even become an expert on flight prices in the mean time! It’s not about waking up at 12:01AM on Tuesdays, or hacking into an airlines central booking systems, in fact – it’s just about the click of an all important button.

So, What?

You need to set price trackers. Not just one, but many. Price trackers are the single best way to save on flights. Not only will you be the first to know if prices drop, the process of tracking prices will make you smart(er). You’ll see when prices drop, when they spike and you can do this for an unlimited amount of flights, anywhere in the world – any time of year.


The easiest and best price trackers can be set with Google Flights, Kayak or Hopper. With Google Flights, simply login to your Gmail account and head to Google Flights to start your obsessive price tracking. Here are a few helpful tricks to get even better prices. After your search, you just press the slider right above the prices – which says “track prices”. You can track multiple dates to multiple places, all at the same time. We have about 250 price trackers set to places all around the world, just FYI. When we find amazing deals, we post them here.


Do you know what an amazing price from Los Angeles to Singapore is? It’s about $399, by the way. Tracking prices is the most hands on way to learn what tickets you want to buy  generally cost. By learning this, you unlock the key to knowing when a “deal” is really a DEAL. It’s like becoming a wine connoisseur, the more you try – the more you know. Our advice? Set trackers for any flight you may ever want to take in the next year. When it comes time to go, you’ll know the best deals for certain. And you’ll get them, too!

Have you used price trackers to save on flights?