No – we’re not cramming you like sardines into the back of a super discount, budget airline. We’re talking about incredible deals to the places you actually want to go on top European airlines like Lufthansa, Air France and British Airways. Time for some shopping in New York or shopping in LA? We thought so…

The Deals

Airlines are starting 2018 with an all out war. Air France are offering the best prices from London, Lufthansa from Scandinavia and British Airways are matching to fight back. There are round trip deals starting at just €244, with deals including a checked bag for just €299. In these deals you can depart London, Stockholm, Boston, Dublin, Oslo and more.

The Dates

The best deals are in February and March of 2018, with similar great deals later in the year as well. Not every date will be available, so we suggest using these Google Flights tricks to find dates easily.

How To Book

We believe in easy, so we’ve got links for you – taking you directly to the best prices. Simply play around with dates to find the same deal on dates that work for you. Here are the best deals from: €229 Barcelona to Boston, €244 Stockholm to Los Angeles, €299 London to New York City€309 London to Boston, €350 Dublin to Los Angeles. Enjoy!