If Australia is where you want to go – look no further. The lowest deal of the year has already presented itself. While most people pay £800 and up, you can jet off for just £399 from the UK and just a bit more from other European cities. These deals will not last.

The Deals

Air China has launched an amazing flash sale. En route you’ll stop in vibrant Beijing, splitting the journey in even halves. £399 is a great price to East Coast US, let alone Australia. Best yet – this works during peak periods of travel. You can fly to Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne. Similar – but not quite as good deals are available from Stockholm and Frankfurt.

The Dates

These deals are available in May, June, November and December. Dates are sporadic and drying up fast, so if you want in – act fast.

How To Book

Momondo is the best way to search and find these deals. You’ll find results from 100’s of online travel sites, comparing each to find the best price. Here’s an example from London, Frankfurt and Stockholm. Enjoy Australia, we always do!

HT: SecretFlying

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