The finish line of 2017 is upon us. We love blogging, we love sharing tips, deals and insights but as former New Yorkers entrenched in the world of finance – it’s all about the “what have you done for me lately”. What we mean is, we know why you’re here and we hold ourselves accountable. You will stop coming if we stop being useful. Sometimes though, bloggers make a real difference in travel, above the everyday stuff.

This year we helped readers secure: free private jet rides, $600 round trip business class to Tokyo, upgrades, cheap flights, points tricks and compensation from airlines. It’s the last point,  with which we’ll foray into the meaning of this post. We love being your voice, when asked. Wrongs are committed in travel everyday, and we – the bloggers of the world want to amplify legitimate issues. More than half a million people come through here each month, and that means travel brands must listen.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading my friend Matthew at Live and Let’s Fly take Aeroplan to task. They sold customers tickets using points, and then cancelled them with no remorse, leaving customers with no viable alternatives. He’s a trained lawyer, and is taking the airline to task on this issue. Gary Leff is another personal favorite. He’s a savage when it comes to consumer issues, and isn’t afraid to train his sights on travel brands wronging consumers.

Our personal highlight of the year was taking Norwegian to task over EU261 compensation. We received far too many complaints where flights had been severely delayed due solely to airline fault. Vacations were ruined. The airline evaded and denied rightful compensation to passengers. Due to our article, many passengers received compensation within 24 hours of publishing. These are travelers who had been repeatedly denied, many of whom had given up hope. We think that’s entirely the point – and it’s wrong. If you feel that way, email us.

What we’re trying to say is – we’re here. We’re listening, and though vintage champagne is incredibly exciting, nothing quite gets us going, like making a lasting difference and impact. We want to help get your family home for the holidays on time. We want to push back when you feel a travel company has wronged you. We’re here, and we’re thankful you are too.