Is this what trickle down economics means?

Etihad Airways offers more square footage in their first class apartments than any other first class in the sky today. On top of a separate bed and sitting chair, passengers receive Christian Lacroix pajamas and luxe skin products. In a move that we just can’t decide – whether it’s funny, cruel or awesome, Etihad is selling these amenities to economy passengers.

To be fair – Etihad has one of the most refined economy cabins in the sky. Big seats, lots of legroom, good food and large entertainment screens instantly beat out most competitors. But is it really ok to sell the stuff you giveaway for free up front to economy passengers? The booze – understandable. But pajamas? Likely, only a small percentage of economy passengers would know that the offerings are not just designer pajamas – but hand me downs from up front.

If you’re interested – you can pick up the Christian Lacroix amenity kit for $22. The pajamas are sold at $35 on all ultra long haul flights. Comfort is everything on long flights, and pajamas are a key survival tip. This raises one last issue: finding a space in the economy cabin or lavatory with enough room to change pants.

So… funny, awesome or cruel?

HT: OneMileAtATime