Seriously. No tricks.

Call it a do over, or just call it an exciting offer. Either way, there’s a $20 board game launching, complete with free airline ticket. JetBlue attempted to launch their “Get Packing” board game yesterday, but the launch hit turbulence. 200 board games were supposed to be available for sale at 12PM, but many travelers reported that though the game instantly “sold out” there weren’t actually any available.


JetBlue are getting into the spirit of holidays and family with a board game about packing, and sabotaging competitors. JetBlue is one of the best U.S. airlines, with the best wifi in the sky.


The “Get Packing” board game is a limited edition launch from JetBlue. Competitors in groups between 3-6 people compete to pack and sabotage others packing. The game sounds entirely insane – but possibly fun. The reason it’s worth a mention, is that each game set comes with a relatively red – tape – free round trip ticket, anywhere JetBlue flies for 2018.


After the apparent “fail” of the initial launch, JetBlue will relaunch their soon to be beloved board game for $20 on December 18th. No word whether it will ship in time for the holidays. We expect a 3PM EST launch, and will update you if anything changes. The supply will be limited, so plan to be ready to go, just before noon.


The game was originally available on Amazon, where customers say it may not have actually existed. The game will reappear there briefly on December 18th at 3PM EST. You’d better be ready for a virtual fist fight. But hey, $20 for fun with family and friends AND a round trip ticket for 2018 – that’s worth fighting for.

Will you be lining up on the 18th?