Mumbai airport recently broke the record for number of flights handled in a 24 hour period. Can you guess the record? Try – 969 flights in 24 hours, at an airport only operating one runway at a time. That’s about 40 flights per hour! If you’ve been hoping to brush up on largely useless, but amusing and occasionally useful (in pub quiz) knowledge – here’s a look at some other world breaking stats from the world of air travel.

World’s Busiest Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – 104,171,935 passengers in 2016

World’s Longest Non-Stop Current Passenger Flight

Auckland – Doha (Qatar Airways) – 14,524 km, ~17.35 hours

World’s Shortest Passenger Flight

Westray – Papa Westray (Loganair) – 2.7km, ~1 minute

World’s Largest Passenger Plane Configuration

Emirates Airbus A380 – 2 class, 615 passengers

World’s Largest Airline Fleet

American Airlines – 1,556 (2016)

Airline Serving The Most Worldwide Destinations

American Airlines/Air Canada – 350 destinations (2017)

World’s Busiest Airport By Cargo Traffic

Hong Kong International Airport – 4,521,000 tonnes

World’s Fastest Current Commercial Passenger Plane

Boeing 747-8i – average cruise speed 0.86 Mach/~1,062 km/h

World’s Largest Airline Alliance

Star Alliance – 28 airlines

World’s Oldest Airline Still Operating

KLM – founded 1919

Now, go ahead – ace that pub quiz…