There’s never been a better time to fly – and before you ask why, it’s a two word answer: it’s cheap. Flying is not nearly as bad as people make it out to be, it’s fast and hey – you only live once. There’s a lot to see. Whatever part of the U.S. you’d like to see, there are some fantastic fare deals out at the moment, starting at just $43 bucks.

Virgin America US & Hawaii Sale

Virgin America is having an awesome sale around the U.S. and Hawaii, with $130 one way fares across the country (New York to California and vice versa) and round trip tickets to Hawaii in the $300’s. Short flights start at just $49 too. Check out the best deals from your city here.

JetBlue $49 And Up Sale

JetBlue is out with some great offers to tempt spur of the moment travel. Deals start at just $49 one way, with some longer flights to very desirable locations included. Full details here.

American $50 Chicago, New York, Boston Sale

American Airlines has been running incredible fares between New York and Chicago, with regular economy running $89 round trip. One way flights are just $50 between New York or Boston and Chicago – and vice versa. Here’s an example.

Southwest $43 And Up Sale

Southwest is having a massive nationwide sale, with great fares from virtually every city they fly to. Even smaller, regional airports are included. A complete list of all deals can be found here.

Where are you going?