Travel accommodations have existed virtually as long as mankind, yet they still leave so much to be desired. I mean – hello, have you seen what they’ve done with cellphones? We want THAT kind of innovation. While there’s no shortage of incredible hotels around the world, even some of the best fail the common sense test. Here are five ways to make hotels better than home.

Landing Lights

If you haven’t stubbed your toe in a hotel room – you haven’t stayed in enough hotels. Pitch dark in the middle of the night, in unfamiliar territory is a bad combo. Motion activated, soft lights can be plugged in anywhere, are cheap and would guide a weary traveler home, or at least to the restroom in the dark. Can we please make this a thing?

Early Check Out Discounts

Why is this not a thing? We get it – hotels need to get their cleaning folks in, and they really want to accommodate fancy elite travelers with early check in. So why not offer a small discount if someone agrees to get the hell out of town by 8AM, or something like that? Everybody wins.

Digital Services

There may be a few hotels around the world on the cutting edge – but that’s not enough. We don’t want to make small talk with anyone to order our midnight room service burgers. Let’s get the iPads in the room, or at least a button on the television- where we can order any standard requests with ease – immediately.


Smart TV’s

With news beamed directly to your phone – television just isn’t what it used to be. But Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services are better than ever. Every hotel should offer smart TV’s, where guests can login to their streaming channels, enjoying top quality entertainment with the enjoyment of a big screen. We’ve seen it done, but we want to see it a whole lot more.

Razor Carpets

What does virtually every traveler checking into a hotel carry? A piece of luggage. What’s the enemy of luggage with wheels? Thick carpet. We understand that noise dampening is important, but surely there’s a more logical way to achieve it. Struggling to pull a wheelie bag on ultra thick hotel carpet feels like the biggest fail out there. Surely there’s some razor thin carpet out there, for happy rolling?

Featured Image: Hotel 41 London