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Nope, not basic economy…

There’s something iconic about New York in the winter, but whenever you want to go, it’s always a buzzing place to be. The best food, shopping, views and vibe are never far in the city that never sleeps – and thanks to a phenomenal sale, neither are you. Here’s everything you need to know to score a fantastic deal to NYC…

The Deals

Fear not – these are NOT basic economy prices. American, United, Delta and JetBlue continue to battle it out for turf supremacy in New York City. They’re each offering shockingly low fares, starting at just $79 round trip for basic economy and just $83 for standard economy. That’s one heck of a deal. You’ve probably had more expensive meals! In the sale you can depart Orlando, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Cincinnati, Boston, and Washington DC. Quite a few other cities are available for just a bit more!

The Dates

These deals are available from January thru February 2018, with prices just slightly higher in the following months. Not every date will be available, so we’ve used handy Google Flights tricks, to make you examples and prices from each city. You’re welcome, by the way ; )

How To Book

We’ve made handy links and pricing guides for regular economy tickets, from each city. If you’re interested in basic economy, you’ll find even lower priced tickets. Remember – if you have a credit card from the airline you’ll fly, you can book basic economy and still get all your normal benefits. So here’s: $83 round trip from Orlando, $90 round trip from Chicago, $97 round trip from Boston, $123 round trip from Cincinnati, $127 round trip from Miami, $144 round trip from Dallas, $150 round trip from Washington DC, $166 round trip from Atlanta.

Are you heading to NYC?