Premium is the magic key to keeping your knees from getting battered, and also to unlocking business class upgrades. If you’ve got trip plans to Dubai, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles  or Miami, we’ve found extremely attractive deals for you. Quite a few cities around Europe are offering deals at half the usual price – or less!

The Deals

British Airways and Air France are aggressively trying to win over European travel markets – and their new strategy is one we’re quite fond of. The pitch: sell premium economy at borderline economy prices! Thanks to these limited time sales, you can depart quite a few European cities, such as: Oslo, Stockholm, Madrid and Amsterdam. These deals work to Dubai, Oman, New York, Miami and San Francisco. The coolest part: you can upgrade to business class, for roughly 20,000 miles one way.

With deals this good, it can be worth using miles or a cheap flight to get to the departure city, since the savings will still likely be far greater. 

The Dates

Many of these deals are available from January 2018 thru June 2018 and then again in September and October 2018. Not every single date will be available, but they should be extremely easy to find using Google Flights.

How To Book

We’ve made easy to use Google Flights links, taking you right to the very best deals. Here are all the cities you can use to visit: Muscat, Dubai, New York, Miami or San Francisco. Simply change the departure city to fit your best needs and adjust the dates to find something great. Enjoy!


We’ve got an incredibly easy to use guide to upgrading these flights right here. And if that’s not enough, we’ve got a detailed account of a major success story upgrading these cheap premium economy flights to business class, at virtually no additional cost.

Featured image courtesy of the Sofitel Dubai