Ask any traveler the place they’ve always wanted to go, and you’re all but guaranteed to hear Australia or New Zealand. And there’s good reason. Both destinations offer more beauty and excitement per square inch than virtually anywhere on earth. For a VERY limited time, you can score tickets for $395 and up. But you’ll need to act fast!

The Deals

United Airlines is offering a wildly good cyber monday sale for travel to Australia and New Zealand. You can depart almost any U.S. City, with prices starting at $395 to Auckland, Sydney or Melbourne and many under $425. These deals will not last – so if this is for you, act fast.

Air New Zealand Economy Sky Couch

The Dates

These deals are available from January thru September of 2018. Not every date will be available, but many will – so use Google Flights to plug in your city and check. This works from both coasts, from cities like San Francisco, Newark, Phoenix, Dallas, Austin and countless more. There’s more flexibility with cities to Australia than New Zealand.

How To Book

Use Google Flights handy tools to search to all three possible destinations to find the lowest prices. Here are examples from Austin, San Francisco, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Seattle, New York and Boston. Simply change the dates or the departure city to fit your needs and enjoy! Try to follow these guidelines to ensure your fare is honored!

Are you booking this awesome deal?

HT: ThePointsGuy