New York City is chock full of great food, fantastic museums, lovely walking but one thing you’d never add a superlative next to, is hotel rates. Hotels in New York are consistently amongst the most expensive in the world, which leaves many travelers without great options. But for one week and one week only, rates at amazing hotels are fixed – and they’re awesome.

Hotel Week

You’ve heard of New York Fashion Week, but unless you like fancy dresses, this is the one to focus on. For stays from January 5-15th, many of New York’s most exciting hotels offer up rates at a fixed $100 or $200 per night, depending on the property.


To book these hotels, check out the dedicated Hotel Week page here. The rates are great and very compelling, but it’s always good to cross check these rates against what you see elsewhere, since it’s a fairly off peak travel time. Other top hotels may offer similar prices.


Fixed rates in cities such as New York can really come in handy. There’s no question that some of these offers will be lower than anywhere else you can find. We ALWAYS suggest doing a deep dive of rate searches before ever booking a hotel, since hidden gems can be just a click away. But all in all, this is worth heavy consideration.