The thing that continues to blow our minds – is that many of the best fare deals aren’t just to local, small time places. Many of the years best deals are being offered to places anyone would dream of going, at prices they’d never dare dream to expect to pay. Hong Kong is on sale from quite a few European cities, starting at just £303, and that’s incredible.

The Deal

As discount airlines try to sneak into the long haul travel market, a few carriers are standing in their way. By matching price, with better amenities they’re trying to muscle out the new comers, and we’re the ones that benefit. Starting in Amsterdam, Stockholm and Geneva you’ll find prices of just £303 round trip on top airlines like Air France, KLM or Turkish. Quite a few other cities have similarly good deals as well. For deals this good, it can be worth a cheap flight, or using points to get to the city the deal starts in – since savings will still likely be much greater.

The Dates

These deals are available on select dates from November 2017 thru March 2018. Not every date will be available, but we’ve made handy Google Flights links, taking you directly to the best prices.

The Booking Details

These deals can be booked directly with either airline, making the booking process very simple. You’ll get a checked bag, meals and all the usual good stuff included. The key is finding dates. Here’s an example from Stockholm to Hong Kong, Amsterdam to Hong Kong and one from Geneva to Hong Kong. Both will be £303. Starting just a little bit higher, here’s: London to Bangkok.



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