We’ve done a deep dive into the best programs to breeze through the airport, and basically – anything that’s faster is great. But for many, the thought of paying for a service they’ve yet to physically experience is a big ask. We Love CLEAR, and now there’s a three month free, try before you buy campaign. Why not?

What Is CLEAR?

CLEAR is a private company aiming to offer a better experience than the (more than occasionally) over crowded TSA PreCheck lanes. The service is available in 30 U.S. Airports and arenas, with plans to expand internationally. When registering, a retina scan is completed, and this identifies you, rather than documents. It’s fast – and very cool. CLEAR members have their own dedicated lane, which feed directly to the front of TSA PreCheck, bypassing the line.

What’s The Offer?

By entering promo code THANKS3, anyone can grab a three month free trial of CLEAR. This is fantastic, because it’s a true try before you buy, with no commitment to buy. You can cancel at any point during your trial. If you think it’s the best thing going, you can of course then join, and there are a couple nice discounts out there.

What’s Not To Like?

We get nothing from this. We hate wasting time, we love that CLEAR saves us time in the airport and this generous offer is an amazing way to upgrade your travel, especially just before peak holiday time, when things tend to get crazy. Enjoy.

Will you take advantage of this offer?