Though there are many clever ways to get into London, some more interesting than others – we love the Heathrow Express. Sure, the tube is cheap and cheerful, but the Heathrow Express is wickedly fast, just 20 minutes into central London. There’s a fairly unpublished and under appreciate benefit for British Airways Gold Guest List members, and it involves the word “upgrade”.

The Upgrade

Though we haven’t been able to track down any particular resource that lists the benefit, we’ve witnessed and successfully used it on many occasions. Heathrow Express gives British Airways Gold Guest List Executive Club members receive an automatic free upgrade to business class, when purchasing a Heathrow Express ticket.

The How

Simply buy the standard, cheapest regular Heathrow Express ticket, and make your way to the “business first” cabin. All you’ll need to do is smile, and flash your British Airways Gold card to a member of staff when they come to scan your tickets.

Is It Better?

The seating and privacy is definitely an upgrade on the 20 minute journey to or from town. Those traveling together can sit face to face, in one of the 1 on 1 seating layout options. With wifi on board, it’s easy and fast to get connected, not that you’ll have much time to do anything. It’s really fast, and an upgrade is always nice.

Good to know, right?